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When clients think of our company, professional remodeling services are the first thing that comes to their minds. And that’s no surprise – after all, we are one of the best kitchen and bathroom remodelers in Austin, TX! We’ve built a strong reputation as a top choice for home improvement because we attend to our work with great care and attention to detail, and we’d love to help your home look its best.


The ATX remodeling team is highly qualified for all your home renovation project needs in any style you choose. Whether you prefer sleek, modern kitchen spaces or warm, classic feel, we can create the perfect kitchen for you. You can check out examples of our previous custom remodeling projects in Travis county, Texas, on our Portfolio page! 

Bolander Gertrude
Bolander Gertrude
ATX Kitchen Remodeling completely transformed our dated kitchen. We did the whole 9 yards - cabinets, fixtures, and even moved some of the water lines to set our fridge in a new place. They provided honest feedback and went above and beyond with the finishing touches. Definitely will use them again for future projects!
Lizzie Wilkinson
Lizzie Wilkinson
They did an excellent job refinishing our 1970s blue and beige kitchen in the house we just bought. I would highly recommend!
Donald Bennett
Donald Bennett
We always wanted a classic style kitchen of our home, and they told us they could do exactly that. The old ranch-like traditional style of our kitchen won’t be of much use for us anymore. The remodelers did a wonderful job of remodeling the kitchen. I am actually thinking of having them do the bathrooms too. Great job!

Our Kitchen Renovation Styles

Our home remodel team has several high-quality design styles  that we offer to our customers. Are you the type of person who likes entertaining guests and bringing them to the kitchen for a drink? We can turn your cramped kitchen into a focal point and cozy space for socialization, with a wide variety of warm colors and dim lighting ideal for dinner parties and more.   

On the other hand, are you a foodie who loves to cook? Our professionals may suggest a more efficient and practical home remodeling project design that allows you to access any tool and any ingredient quickly. We can include smart functionalities, convenient appliances, and easy-to-use countertops. For cooks out there, a much brighter lighting system may be more your style. As your statewide remodeling contractor, let us handle your kitchen projects for you.

Our renovation services can remodel in the Austin area to fit any of these design styles:

Modern Kitchen

Do you prefer the look of white walls and smooth stainless steel? If so, a modern kitchen will allow you to focus on cooking without any distractions. 

Kitchen designed with furniture, sink, cabinet and hardwood flooring
New home kitchen remodels from farming to completion in modern style

Classic Kitchen

On the other hand, many people in and around Austin enjoy using their kitchens as a new gathering area and space for spending quality time together. A warm, welcoming classic kitchen is the perfect place to eat and drink with friends and family. 

Ranch Style

Are you looking for a genuinely vintage-looking kitchen? The lived-in vibe of ranch-style kitchens may be just what you need.

We also offer high-quality master bath services to suit your style of choice.  

A luxury ranch kitchen newly remodeled with pinewood cabinet, artificial wall flower, wood flooring and elements





Make the Most Out of Your Space

One of the most common issues that we have heard from our Austin, Texas customers concerning their kitchen projects is the need for space. Most of them complain that there is either not enough space or simply too much clutter. Due to that, their kitchens don’t have the most optimal design that they can get.  

That’s why this is the first thing that we target — spaciousness. Our primary aim when it comes to new creations is to make your kitchen more spacious. We understand that the kitchen is one of the most widely visited places in the home.  


The kitchen is where you go when you want to cook a delicious meal for your family. The kitchen is where you go when you want to enjoy breakfast with your loved ones. Lastly, it’s where you go when you want to clean up after you’ve enjoyed a hearty meal.  

So what can we do to improve the space of your kitchen? You might remove a wall or a cabinet. We also may remove a pillar in your kitchen so that you have more room to go around. In any case, we’ll make sure that your house will have enough space so that you can even bring guests inside. No longer will it be just a “kitchen”; instead, it will be a place where everyone can gather around and enjoy a pleasant conversation. 

How does that experience sound?   


Project Planning

We map out your new construction project with a detailed & accurate timeline and get our work done on time.  

Interiors Spaces

We are the leading experts for kitchen  and master bathroom remodels and redesigns in Austin, TX, and the local area. 

Single or Multi-Family Properties

A new design are not limited to homes. We are also happy to redesign and renovate condos & townhouses in the Austin, Texas area.

Modern Design

Our design team develops custom kitchen and bath remodeling plans. Your remodeling contractors will complete your dream project! 


Our experienced team of professionals gives you exactly what you need. We deliver high-quality results, expertise, excellent work and top customer experience for your kitchen and bathroom remodeling project.

Free Consultation

Contact us today to request a free interior design consultation and free estimate for your custom kitchen remodel.

" We design and build spaces that bring you joy. "

Extra space is not the only way our custom updated kitchen services can improve your remodel project. First, we’ll update your cabinets. Most likely, your cabinets are already pretty old and worn out. That’s why we will be the ones to replace them with brand new custom cabinets. All you have to do is let us know what style and materials you want, and we’ll pick out the best cabinets for you, complete the installation and make sure that it’s a good fit.

We’ll even update your countertops, flooring, tile, tables, and chairs while we’re at it. We can give your kitchen a whole new makeover so that it looks brand new. Finally, we’ll also change the appliances. That way, we can make sure you’ll have only the best appliances for your kitchen that go well with the overall aesthetic. You probably won’t even recognize your home after we finish the kitchen remodel. All you need to do is give us the word, and we will be happy to provide our expertise and customize your kitchen project for you.    

Corner view of a remodeled home kitchen in Texas

Kitchen Redesign for Resalers

If you’re planning on selling your home, you’ll want to spruce up your home with a kitchen remodel because it’s one of the most central living areas in the whole house. Trust us when we say that the value of your home will go up when you remodel your kitchen and update the appliances. Of course, the value will only go up depending on the features and design you choose. So why not let us handle your kitchen project for you so you won’t have to worry so much?  

Our Remodeling Process

Our customers love to work with us on home remodeling projects because we can develop kitchen remodeling ideas and build creative custom designs on an incredibly tight timeline. How do we do that? It’s simple: we follow a strict process that allows us to regulate our kitchen design workflow. Here’s how we do it:

Determining Your Needs

First, we’ll talk to you about what you need from your kitchen. You can tell us about your style preferences, how many people you want to spend time with in your kitchen, what you plan to do in your kitchen, and more.

Making Plans

Once we get all of that information, we’ll measure your kitchen and create a floor plan to show you a basic idea of what the remodeled interior will look like. After that, we can discuss the budget for your project. 

Committing To The Project

At this point, you’ll be ready to finalize your kitchen plans. We’ll create contracts (which will include completion dates for your kitchen project) and apply for any necessary permits for your project. 

Ordering Kitchen Materials

With the paperwork taken care of, it’s time to order the materials that will make your kitchen special! These include appliances, cabinets, countertops, flooring, and more. 

Getting Ready

Before remodeling work begins, you’ll need to take a few steps to prepare. Find a safe space to store your kitchen materials, and set up a simple “temporary kitchen” to use throughout the remodeling process. 

Starting Demolition Work

Once everything’s in place, it’s demolition time! We can take care of kitchen demolition work, and we’ll remove any unwanted materials from the worksite. 

Making Structural Changes

Once we’ve brought your kitchen area back to square one, we’ll start building it back up again the way you want it. We can install things like new walls, new windows, and doorways at this point in the process.

Doing Rough-In Work

Utility rough-in work needs to be taken care of at a relatively early stage in your kitchen project. This category includes work on electrical wiring, plumbing, and other utilities. 

Working On Paint, Flooring, And More

With your kitchen’s basic structure and utilities set, the next step will be to improve it from a cosmetic standpoint. Here, we’ll install drywall and insulation, paint your walls, and put in flooring (except for “floating” flooring, which we install after cabinets).

Putting In Cabinets And Countertops

Few things define a kitchen’s look like cabinet space and countertops. As soon as we install your cabinets, we’ll start taking measurements for the countertops we will pair them with. 

Bringing In Appliances

Once your countertops have been fabricated and installed, our team can start installing your kitchen appliances. We’ll also work on lighting at this time. 

Handling The Finishing Touches

Finally, we’ll work on the last few details needed to take your kitchen from “good” to “great” – kitchen backsplash installation, crown molding, and more. Then we’ll pack up and leave, allowing you to focus on enjoying your kitchen and knowing that we’ve performed a great job.

As you can see here, our design process is very efficient and very customer-centric. We love tailor-fitting our designs to the desires of our customers. With our customer-centric approach, we have many loyal customers who want us to do their future kitchen projects as well.  

Austin, TX Kitchen Remodeler You Can Trust

If you’re looking for the best Austin kitchen remodeler in the business, then we’re the team you want. Our top team of designers and contractors has more than ten years of amazing job experience under our belts. We’re sure we can help you with whatever remodeling and other projects you need!

 All you need to do is give us a call and tell us about your projects. We’ll be sure to build it for you. You can also check out our Portfolio page to see what kind of kitchen and bathroom remodeling services we’ve already completed in the Travis county, TX area. You can ask for a similar design, or you can also get a custom-made project. We’ll help you!    

Corner view of a remodeled home kitchen in Texas


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my kitchen design build take to finish?

It’s hard to say! Our services are highly customizable, after all. The length of your project depends on factors like its scope and the size of your kitchen. Our projects can range from one or two days (to partially remodel a small kitchen) to 45 days or more (for a full-scale remodeling of a large kitchen). If you get in touch, we’ll be able to give you a more accurate estimate!

Do I need to have a “dream kitchen” in mind to start a kitchen project?

While our team loves to help make our customers’ dreams come true, we realize some people haven’t quite decided what they want from their kitchen. However, that doesn’t mean you need to wait until you’ve made up your mind to get started! Just give us a call – we’ll be happy to help you figure out what best fits your needs. 

Is a kitchen remodel the same as a kitchen renovation?

Not exactly. A kitchen renovation involves upgrades to your kitchen like new cabinets, a fresh coat of paint, or anything else along those lines. In contrast, a kitchen remodel includes changes to the underlying structure of the pantry itself. That said, you don’t need to worry too much about the differences between these categories. We are happy to work on both services.

How expensive will my kitchen remodel be?

The price for your home remodel also depends on several different elements, including the materials you choose for your new kitchen. If you’re concerned about the price tag, we can help you select cost-effective materials that still look and function great. 

Will I need to hire any other contractors?

We pride ourselves on being Austin’s top full-service kitchen works company. That means we can handle the design and construction process for your kitchen remodel – you won’t need to go anywhere else! 

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