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Your bathroom area must be relaxing and tailored-fit to your way of life. It must be among your home’s refreshing retreats. 

Bathroom Remodeling Austin, TX

If your bathroom is in a poor shape lately or needs some major improvements, then this is where ATX Kitchen Remodeling steps in. As one of the well-known bathroom remodeling Austin TX contractors, we can help revamp the overall look of your bathroom. We design spaces for the modern, appealing look you’ve always wanted.

Our expert designers will help you every step of the way from the planning to the selection of materials. Upon the actual start of the project, we will make use of protective industry-grade carpets and covers. These materials aim to restrict dust and fragments from permeating your home. We work to minimize inconveniences while constructing your new bathroom. Also, we always clean our work site after construction. 

Choosing the Best Home Remodelers in Austin

When partnering with a bathroom contractor, you must take into consideration comfort, functionality, layout, and your budget.
Do you appreciate relaxing in your bathtub while reading? Then, a freestanding bathtub can be your perfect match. We consider light fixtures above to create ambiance and give you light while reading.
You may also opt to add wider closets, bigger cupboards, and counter spaces. Apart from that, you can also include open shelving, which increases your storage space while giving you an added element of visual attraction.
Bathroom remodeling, especially in Austin Tx, permits you to present contemporary indulgences into your very own comfort room. Thus, making your space enjoyable, functional, trendy, and pleasing to the eyes is easily achievable. Moreover, modern technology has undoubtedly helped home remodelers to offer limitless innovations to transform old-fashioned houses into soothing and fresh-looking sanctuaries. 

A newly home bathroom remolded with pine basin cabinet, white ceramic bath tub, glass shower screen and a medium size mirror with some elements

Experienced Team

No matter what you envision your bathroom to look like, ATX Kitchen Remodeling has the credibility and know-how to bring your fantastic ideas into reality. We take pride in generating groundbreaking solutions for home makeover ventures. 


We guarantee state-of-the-art craftsmanship and professionalism with every project. From our communication to strict timeline adherence, we aim to please. 


Modern Styles

Every accessory, vanity, fixture, and specific is methodically matched with your design objective. Precise colors, materials, and measurements are carefully chosen on each project.


Customized For You

Our Austin bathroom remodelers tailor-fit your bathroom into an elegant and fashionable area that can help promote relaxation and style. These world-class bathroom stylists are masters in crafting lavatories that are best for every family.

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