The University of Texas at Austin

The University of Texas at Austin

The University of Texas at Austin is one of the best universities in the state. It’s been ranked as a top 10 public university by US News and World Report for more than 20 years! The school offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs to students from around the world. If you’re thinking about going to college in Texas, UT-Austin should be on your list. 

A short history of the UT-Austin campus

The University of Texas at Austin was founded in 1883.

The history of the school goes back to before then, though. In 1827, Stephen F. Austin died and passed his inheritance on to his son–and part of that included thousands upon thousands of acres of land he had received from Mexico for encouraging Americans to move to Mexican territory. In 1839, the Texas Congress formed a commission to establish an institution of higher learning, and in time (1883), that land would be used for what we now know as The University of Texas at Austin campus. 

UT has 50 colleges and schools offering 170 different degree programs.

UT is made up of 17 colleges and schools, including the well-known Cockrell School of Engineering. With over 25,000 students in that college alone (and more than 50,000 undergrads), UT is a huge school with everything from business to fine arts programs available–something for everyone!  

The University has seen its fair share of famous people pass through its halls.

Some of the most famous people in history have walked through UT’s campus, including former President Lyndon B Johnson and Lady Bird Johnson who graduated from here. In addition, several actors–including Jack Black and Matthew McConaughey–have attended or worked for this fine institution. 

Students at UT are known for their school spirit.

One of the most popular traditions at UT is joining either the Longhorn Band or Texas Cheer and taking part in one of their famous football games where they have been known to break world records for noise levels created by a crowd!  

The University has won more than 70 national championships across different sports teams.

UT is home to some of the most winning sports teams in history, including six men’s and seven women’s varsity athletic programs. The Longhorns have won more than 70 national championships–including five football titles since 2006!  

UT students are involved with over 500 different student organizations on campus.

I would like to mention that most students are very involved with student organizations on campus. These groups allow students to meet new people, network, and have fun while they work towards their future goals together!  

How do get to the campus?

For those who live in the Austin Metropolitan Area and nearby areas, the school offers a shuttle that students can take advantage of. Otherwise, there are taxis and public transportation available. 

MTS Trolley – A trolley system around campus is free to use for faculty, staff, or students with their UT ID card (limit two per person). It runs Monday through Friday from around 11 am-midnight. 

UT Shuttle – This is a free shuttle that runs Monday through Friday from around noon to midnight, and can be used by anyone with their UT ID card (limit two per person). It’s meant as an alternative option for those who don’t want to walk long distances or use taxis/cars.  

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